What is the Container Loading Inspection?

The Container Loading Inspection (CLI) will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process. This inspection usually takes place at the factory. It can alsobe performed at your forwarder's premises.

What do we check during a Container Loading Inspection?

Quantity check, packing list check, the container conditions, the process of the loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc), a quick look at the packaging & packing of your products.
Please note that for complete QC checks on product specifications, labeling & marking and cosmetic (AQL) testing, you should book a standard inspection, such as a Pre-shipment inspection or During production inspection.

The added value of a Container Loading Inspection?

As your goods will travel for days or weeks to reach the final destination, you would like to ensure that the number of boxes are right, the loaded goods are yours and the products are not damaged.

Highlights of Container Loading Inspection

We provide the status of the container itself
The right goods, no replacement of products possible
The quantity of the boxes is exact
The loading will be done with care (limitation of broken goods due to loading)
The inspector will call the office so that you get immediate feedback. If you read your e-mails quickly and if you have instructed your vendor to wait for your green light before shipping, you have a chance of stopping disasters
The container is forwarded to your company
We note whether a seal is affixed on the container
We perform a final check on packing

Why should I book this Container Loading Inspection?

Because you don't want your goods to be improperly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products. Save time and money and secure your imports with our CLI, while keeping pressure on your vendor to push for continual quality.

What is the Pricing for Quality Control Services?

We work per Man-day (USD380 All-Inclusive), please visit our Pricing List page for more information

Hard Goods
- Clocks & watches
- Eyewear & binoculars
- Fashion jewellery & accessories
- Furniture & furnishings
- Household utensils
- Kitchenware
- Porcelain & ceramics
- Sports & entertainment products
- Stationery
- Tools & equipment
- Toys & gifts
Electrical & Electronic Items
- Computer parts
- Electrical tools
- Electrical vehicles
- Electronic accessories
- Wire & Cable
- Health & beauty products
- Home appliances
- Light & lighting
- Remote control toys
- Telephone & mobiles
Soft Goods
- Caps Fabric
- Footwear & leather products
- Garment & accessories
- Home textiles
- Luggage, bags & cases
- Chemical material
Mechanical Equipment
- Construction products
- Machinery parts
- Metal sheet
- Industrial & Maritime
- Plastic film
- Packaging & paper