What is the Fast Factory Audit?

The Fast Factory Audit (FFA) report contains simple information about suppliers' trade and production capabilities and takes only one day. The Fast Factory Audit performs at your supplier's premises anywhere in Turkey.

What do we control during a Fast Factory Audit?

A. Manufacturer Profile: Name, Address, Contact details, Licenses etc.
B. Factory Facility: Office, production line, product equipments etc.
C. Customers and Experience: sample products, business history etc.
D. Documents Confirmation: Certificates, Licences etc.

To Sum Up of Fast Factory Audit

Reduce your risks & save your money
Compare your potential customers and choose the best.
Check vendor's trade history and experiences.
Check vendor's licenses and certificates.

Why should I book Fast Factory Audit?

Because many customers have a bad business experience!
If you do not be like a cheated customer, you should book our services. This Fast Factory Audit will show you to see who you are working and it costs only USD380.

How much should I pay for Fast Factory Audit?

We work per Man-day (USD380 All-Inclusive), please visit our Pricing List page for more information