About Us

Profound Experience & Knowledge in Quality Control

Middle East Inspection is a 3rd party inspection company focusing on quality control and quality assurance in Turkey. All-inclusive Pricing: USD380 per Man-day.

Company Information


Middle East Inspection (MEI) Company was founded in 2010. Headquartered in Istanbul, we have established a network of operation offices in mainland Turkey to facilitate quality control services throughout the country. As an Istanbul-based inspection service company, we possess both the knowledge of Western business requirements and Turkish industrial expertise.

Our profound experience and knowledge in quality control have earned us the reputation of being a reliable inspection service provider and subsequently benefited us in establishing good business relationships with companies from all around the world, from multi-national cooperators to growing importers. MEI offers inspection, auditing, testing, and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, toys, and electronics to hard goods.

Supported by rich knowledge and experience in the field and benefiting from specialist and global networks, the MEI organization is dedicated to helping our customers meet the Quality, Safety, and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.

MEI Vision

  • The Essence of What We Strive for: Thinking in the Position of the Customers', Always.
  • Our Vision Strongly Reflects Who We Are: Tough, Hard-working, Detail-oriented.
  • It Is That Special Mark That Allows Us to Stand Above the Crowd.

MEI Mission

  • Mei Enhances Our Customers' Businesses by Offering Professional & Speedy Services.
  • Mei Enables Your Suppliers to Comply With Your Standards, Specifications, and Requirements Through Our Value-added Services. With Tough Control of Your Suppliers and Orders in Turkey, You Will Sleep Better. So Here Comes Our Slogan: "Your Eyes in Turkey!"
  • Mei Benefits the Image of 'made-in-turkey' by Improving the Process of Quality Control and Sense of Detailed Care.
  • Mei Leads the Industry.

MEI Principles

  • 1 We Must Acknowledge and Earn the Trust That Our Clients Put in Our Firm and Our People, and We Must Protect Their Reputation and Business. Our Experience Shows That if We Serve Our Clients Well, Our Own Success Will Follow.
  • 2 Integrity and Honesty Define Our People and Anchor Our Actions. We Expect That Our People Maintain the Highest Ethical Standards in Everything They Do, Both in Their Work for the Firm and in Their Personal Lives. We Respect Not Just the Letter but the Spirit of the Law.
  • 3 As a Services Firm, We Know That Without the Best People, We Cannot Be the Best Firm. We Strive to Hire the Most Talented and Passionate People One by One and Provide Daily Opportunities to Ensure They Can Continue to Grow.
  • 4 We Recognize That the Best Development and Innovation Opportunities Come From Our Clients. We Solicit and Attentively Listen to Their Ideas and Their Feedback.
  • 5 Information Technology Is the Backbone That Our People Leverage to Attain Excellence via Efficiency and Standardization.
  • 6 We Propose Ergonomic, Intuitive, and Simple Solutions for Our Clients; These Are the Hardest to Develop.
  • 7 We Have the Conviction That Our Products and Philosophy Are the Best, Yet Always Seek to Improve. Arrogance and Complacency Are Our Enemies.
  • 8 Our Firm Belongs to Each and Every Employee.

MEI Standards

  • Be Tough, Always
  • Be Honest, Always
  • Consider Teamwork, Always
  • Challenge and Improve All We Do
  • Aim to Satisfy Customers Every Time
  • Measure Success Through Sustainable Profit